For just $1000/year for any library - with tens of millions of digital Book Jacket Cover Art graphics in our collection, there is no better way to cover your collection than with ChiliFresh Book Jacket Cover Art. Of course, there are many sources of Book Jackets for your catalog. We do think our Book Jacket Cover Art service is a little differentl:

First, we have a mechanism that allows you to upload book jackets that you have scanned in. We know that there are items in your collection that will NEVER have a digital image… you can scan it in and upload to us and it will appear in your catalog.

Second, we will “create” a Book Jacket for every item that doesn’t have one… it looks like a book, with the title at the top and author at the bottom. This makes your catalog look much more complete.

Third, we will include Book Jacket Cover Art at no charge when you subscribe to ChiliPAC (our exciting Enhanced Discovery platform). You can also get Book Jackets without a ChiliPAC Subscription for a very low price. Send us a note and we can show you how you can save money with ChiliFresh Book Jacket Cover Art by clicking here: Contact us