Discovery with a human touch - Starting today, you will not only discover everything linked to the catalog, but you will be learning what other people are reading, saying and sharing related to your search.

Readers Advisory - Staff can personalize content rich lists complete with comments and links to distribute on a 1 to 1 basis or to groups of people.

Personalized Bookshelves & Booklists - The perfect way to keep track of what you are reading, what you have read and what you plan to read.

Your online catalog becomes a natural reader's advisory tool completely generated by your community and library communities from around the world. Your Staff and Users can create extended profiles and create, manage and share BookLists and Bookshelves in social networks or over e-mail or patron chat.  This makes your online catalog a truely user friendly, interactive tool.

Then comes the magic - ChiliPAC integrates Bookshelves, Booklists, Users and Review & Rating activity into the catalog search results. Your catalog connects Users with Library Staff and Users with other Library Users from around the world all based on individual literary interests and habits.